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About Us

Who We Are


Leading Digital Recruitment Agency

For the past five years, leading digital recruitment agency, Skillsearch, have made it their one and only endeavour to ensure that it is our clients who are armed with the very best industry professionals available in gaming, mobile, art and animation and the wider digital sector.

In response to the digital invasion, Skillsearch began building a formidable reputation for being highly capable of delivering the top talent in these niche marketplaces, within tight timescales and even, when required, internationally.

With a genuine passion for gaming, tech and digital, our Digital Recruitment Consultants have immersed themselves within their particular fields, thereby acquiring an impressive network of many of the industry’s most innovative organisations and most skilled professionals.

Skillsearch Digital’s rigorous in-house training programme and a sheer determination to be unsurpassed in the world of digital recruitment, has resulted in a fun and energetic team of digital enthusiasts with an exemplary understanding of the trends and demands of this innovative sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with top talent in the digital arena; providing a highly professional, targeted and efficient digital recruitment service, through a proactive and personal approach, and driven by a genuine passion of all things digital.

Our Values

  • Our Hassle-free Flexi-fee

    As Skillsearch Digital gained momentum and starting meeting some really innovative people in the industry, we became very passionate about those businesses that were just starting out. As a people-fuelled organisation, we know that when you are building a business it is often the people you employ early on who can make a real impact on your success.

    Therefore, in 2013 we introduced the flexi-fee scheme to help small businesses to employ the right individuals to help them grow, without the financial pressure and commitment often associated with recruitment. Find out more about this initiative and find out if your business qualifies by contacting a member of our Digital Recruitment Team.

  • The Green Objective

    Are we green? Of course we are we are Brighton-based – the home of the environmentally friendly! Skillsearch recognises that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements and so we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. For example, our lighting is motion sensor based helping to reduce energy use and we recycle everything we are able to. We also have a bike store and shower, encouraging employees to cycle to work, which is often faster actually since here in Brighton we’re unable to drive over 20mph. We endeavour to incorporate environmental factors into business decisions and are always looking for new means of reducing our carbon footprint and prove Kermit wrong because actually it is that easy being green!

  • Supporting Special Effect

    Since its formation Skillsearch has supported many different charities through various fundraising events. In 2015 Skillsearch has chosen to support Special Effect. Much like Skillsearch, Special Effect believe that technology should be used to enhance people’s lives and Special Effect work to modify video games so that they can be enjoyed by those with physical disabilities. Known as ‘the games charity’, Special Effect demonstrate that video games can provide fun and bring family and friends together, having a hugely positive impact on the lifestyles of those most in need of it. Throughout the year we will be raising funds through a variety of activities. Please keep up with our charity work by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Learn more about Special Effect at

Our History

Skillsearch was established in Brighton in 2006 by founder Stuart Gillespie and is headed up by Managing Director Richard Fisher. The company’s primary focus was on niche technology markets and in 2010 Skillsearch responded to the rise in demand for talented specialists within the mobile and gaming arenas by forming a new division, Skillsearch Digital.

  • Skillsearch are proud to work with a diverse range of clients, from some of the world’s largest global companies through to small independent businesses and start-ups. In fact, in 2013 we launched the flexi-fee offering to help digital start-ups hire the right people, without the financial pressures and commitments often associated with recruitment.

    Skillsearch Digital is now a fast growing division of Skillsearch Ltd and recently has even been placing digital whizzes worldwide in such exciting places as China and Thailand!

Work with us

We are always keen to hear from bright and ambitious individuals who are looking for somewhere to build a real career in business.

Find out more about how we work, our values and meet the team at our main website.

Meet the Team

Gaming & Interactive
Giles Fenwick
Games and Interactive Manager
Gaming & Interactive
Guy DeRosa
Head of Business Development
Art & Animation
Alex Lunn
Art and Animation Consultant
Gaming & Interactive
Jack Reid
Design and Production Consultant
Art & Animation
Joe McKernan
VFX Consultant
Gaming & Interactive
Katie Jones
Games and Interactive Consultant
Tom Matthews
Ruby on Rails Consultant
Gaming & Interactive
Henry Henley
Gaming & Interactive Consultant
Gaming & Interactive
Stefan Kasanin
C++ Consultant
Art & Animation
Tim Jeffree
Art & Animation Consultant
Sales Support
Catrin Jones
Operations Manager
Managing Director
Richard Fisher
Managing Director

Work For Skillsearch Digital

We are always keen to hear from bright and ambitious individuals who are looking for somewhere to build a real career in business.

Based in Brighton we are driven and focused, yet embrace a sociable and collaborate working culture and we are very passionate about what we do.

As a Skillsearch Digital Recruitment Consultant you will endeavour to meet the needs of clients and candidates alike and build strong relationships with them. It is also essential to have a keen interest in the digital world as you will be expected to be able to keep up with it and really immerse yourself within your marketplace.

Never worked in recruitment? Skillsearch has an in-house Learning and Development Manager who has developed a unique training programme dedicated to helping people launch a career as a specialist Digital Recruitment Consultant.


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