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As a Recruitment Agent I often find myself discussing how different the computer games industry is to recruit for versus any other. That’s extremely fortunate as I don’t think the other industries would tolerate me, and perhaps vice-versa (potentially because when I typed the word ‘versus’ I experienced an uncontrollable urge to shout “FIGHT” in an American accent because it reminded me of Street Fighter 2).

But perhaps I’m the bearer of more wisdom than I currently know. I was recently speaking to a Careers Advisor and learned that some are being advised in what could be viewed as quite a corporate/90’s/dull manner when the truth is there is a lot more emphasis in being more you than you might believe. You’ve just got to know how to flaunt those feathers!

Here are some tips on how to become a bit more of a pixelated peacock (risky words early on in the post, I know).



Go and have some fun with the sort of people you want to become. The games community is small and intimate, so it takes no time at all to be recognised and known. This is one of the few industries in the world where people want to meet you for the sincere and simple reason that they just hope you’re a cool person to hang out with, so make the most of it. Take yourself off to launches, enthusiast groups (such as ‘Indie Game Developers’, ‘Augmenting Reality’, ‘Unity User Group’ on meetup.com) Game Jams, and events (Develop in Brighton, Rezzed) as this is a sure fire way to springboard your way into the industry.

Honestly, your next employer would probably prefer to meet you over a beer and a chat about games than via myself, a recruiter <img src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.2.1/72x72/1f609.png" alt="

About the author Giles Fenwick

Giles runs our Gaming & Interactive division and specialises in forming tight knit teams, whether that’s for a studio or in our office. He represented his county at rugby for every age group from 12 onwards which no doubt helped him to cultivate his excellent understanding of team dynamics. Giles is known for his warmth and willingness to take time to work through any issues that may arise, although make sure you don’t try and share his food as then you won’t be getting a warm welcome – Giles doesn’t share food!

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